At All Star Paving Inc., we’re a contractor offering a quarter-century of paving for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Whether you’re in need of concrete paving for your driveway at home, a scenic interlocking stone walkway for your business or parking lot paving for industrial use, you can trust the services of All Star Paving. We also offer haulage and excavating services. You’ve probably seen our shiny red trucks in the area. Be assured that our attention to detail extends to our work, just as it does to maintaining our equipment.


Your trusted residential paving and driveway specialists with a legacy of excellence dating back to 1987! Proudly serving the Hamilton community and its surrounding areas,


Your go-to commercial paving and parking lot experts since 1987! We specialize in providing high-quality paving services throughout Hamilton and surrounding area businesses, institutions, and retail centers.

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